Founded in 2014, Bad Cats Club is an independent clothing brand, designed in Merseyside, United Kingdom.

Bad Cats Club is known for it's fun, feline themed fashion and on occasion, raising money for charity through special sales, collaborations and events.

Under New Management

In 2019, the original owner of the brand, Beck Audrey Oriel, embarked on a career change into the world of hairdressing and in 2020, she decided to pass the reigns onto someone who would be able to devote the time and energy needed into managing Bad Cats Club. Her chosen successor was frequent collaborator (and sister) Rachel Alveston, aka Rad Patch Co.

Rachel is an embroiderer, maker and vintage patch/pin curator, who has been selling online for well over a decade. Due to her experience (and being a supportive sister), she has been helping out behind the scenes of BCC since day one.

In her personal life, Rachel is a true crime loving, horror addict and of course, feline enthusiast, with a clan of six cats of her own. Being chronically ill, she works from home on a permanent basis, often surrounded by her best (furry) pals.

You can find more information about Rachel's other ventures at rachelalveston.com and you can follow Beck's hairdressing journey by following @beckcutshair on instagram.